to the Boone Bouncers  

Jump Rope Team!

The Boone Bouncers is both a Jump Rope Club and Competitive Team that allows kids of all ages to participate in a team sport that is not only fun but also improves physical fitness for other activities. Along the journey youth learn different tricks and styles using single rope, long rope & double dutch ropes. They will also have the opportunity to choreograph their own routines and use them in a competitive environment. 

Our hopes are that they build strong muscles, hearts and heads.



Double Dutch

A popular recess activity with two ropes turned in opposite directions. In competition, there are several categories for DD, including "3 by 40" with 3 people (2 turning and 1 jumping) switching position so that each person jumps for 40 seconds.


Speed is an alternating step that can be done in a single rope or DD ropes. There are 3 minute, 1 minute and 30 second, all of which are common for single rope competition.


Fusion is the most artistic type of jump rope. It is similar to dancing with music and choreography. It can be done with a set of turners and people entering doing a routine or freestyle and then exiting, or it can be done in a group for competition with the switching of turners and some dancing outside of the rope.


Freestyle is done with a single rope - it can be just one person, a pair or a group. For competition, a single rope freestyle routine has to have power tricks, rope manipulation and several backwards tricks. Usually these routines last about 1 minute, and if they are not for competition, it is common for them to have music.

Chinese Wheel

Basic Chinese wheel is done with two people, each person having one rope and then switching the middle handles so each person has two handles, one from each rope. The ropes move at opposite times while the jumpers jump the same double bounce speed.

Two In One

Two people in one rope, each person holding one end of the rope and both jumping while turning. It alone is not a competition category but is a common move for fusion routines.